Assembling AdaBot

Tuesday 14 October is Ada Lovelace Day.

For those of you who have never heard of her, Ada was the world’s first computer programmer, in an age when computers were mechanical calculating devices. She was a friend of Charles Babbage, inventor of the Difference Engine.

So, in her honour, we’re going to build AdaBot; a mind-reading, number-crunching robot.

The Recipe:

To make AdaBot you need:

  • A Raspberry Pi
  • A MakeyMakey
  • Some cards with numbers on them
  • Alligator clips, jumper wires, conductive tape, graphite pencils, kitchen foil (or whatever other materials you want to use to make those six cards into big buttons
  • A small TFT screen (yes, this one’s a 3.5″ dashboard cam screen)
  • Some speakers

We will be using Scratch to write the code to control AdaBot.

AdaBot Live!

If you would like to see AdaBot at work, we will be running a Google Hangout at 4:00pm CEST on Tuesday 14 October.

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